Church History

The New Hope Missionary Baptist Church was organized on Friday, January 8, 1954 in the home of Mrs. Sarah Young, who resided at 900 Pennsylvania Ave. N. E. Rev. L. M. Walker, pastor of the Fruit Avenue Baptist Church, presided over the organization meeting. He read and explained the 18th Articles of Faith. Then, he read and explained the Church Covenant.

Mother Sarah Young, as she was called, named the new church "New Hope Missionary Baptist Church" Members of the Council at this meeting were: Rev. L. M. Walker, Pastor of Fruit Avenue Baptist Church; Rev. J. S. Patten, Pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church; Rev. Ralph Hunn, Pastor of Mt. View Baptist Church; Brother Joe B. Hill, Chairman of the Deacon Board of Fruit Avenue Baptist Church; Brother J. T. Corlis, Chairman of the Trustee Board of Fruit Avenue Baptist Church; Brother Kenneth Lisbel, Layman; Rev. W. W. Williams, Pastor of the Macedonia Baptist Church. Also present at this organizational meeting were the individuals who would be called the "Charter Members". They were: Brother Frank Adams, Brother Theodore Pope, Brother Don Thedford, Brother Roy Palmer, Sr. Brother Julius Abraham, Sister Sarah Young, Sister Ever Mae Morgan, Sister Edna Ligon, Sister Mary Palmer, Sister Betty Gatlin, Sister Brady Gatlin, Rev. Earnest Smith. Rev. Earnest Smith, an Airman stationed at Kirtland Air Force Base, was elected as the first pastor. The first business meeting was held on January 13, 1954.

The second location for worship services was an adobe building about 9x12 feet in size located just west of the property of 1103 Texas N. E. After purchasing two lots at 1103 Texas N. E., a barracks building was purchased to be placed at the back of the lots. This building was later used as a multi-purpose room. After a few months, Rev. Smith was transferred to Alaska to continue his service in the United States Air Force.

The church then called Rev. R. L. Brown, Jr. as pastor and he served until July, 1963. The main structure at 1103 Texas N. E., was built under his administration and had been improved several times. Other pastors were as follows:

Rev. A. K. Patton July, 1963 - December 1966

Rev. C. D. Mangram April, 1967 - 1976

Rev. David Teague, Sr. April 16, 1976 - July 1, 1979

Rev. Marion L. Jones December 1, 1979 - August 18, 1991

Rev. David C. Cooper was elected as pastor on April 3, 1992. His first sermon as pastor was on April 5, 1992. He was installed on May 24, 1992. The vision God has given him was launched on Exodus Day, March 7, 1993, as the family of New Hope celebrated its 39th Church Anniversary in the new church home at 1901 Pennsylvania N. E. A new ministry free from tradition and marked by its theme: 2 Corinthians 3:17, "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty". With the Spirit of the Lord leading the way, we have crossed over into higher spiritual ground. Those anxious to grow and challenge the forces of darkness, have come forward as leaders in this ministry.

Today, New Hope is a part of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International under the Pastoral Leadership of Southwest Regional Bishop David C. Cooper (Sr. Pastor) Co-Pastor Nina M. Cooper.

New Hope Full Gospel Baptist Church is committed to carrying out the vision given to our Pastors: To equip, empower, and encourage believers to fulfill their roles as kingdom priests while Building Better Relationships. Better Relationships with God, ourselves and others.