Capital Plus Campaign (CPC)

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The purpose of the Capital Plus Campaign (CPC) is to enhance and improve our worship experience. Our goal is to raise $700K over the next five years to pay for Missions, Scholarships, Building Renovations/Modernizations, and to strengthen our financial position and further the advancement of the Kingdom. The CPC is also intended to eliminate our debt, reduce the frequency of “special” offerings/giving with the exception of the Church and Pastor Anniversary. Tithes/Offerings will continue to be required. All members are asked to participate in order to meet our goal.

Capital Plus Campaign (CPC) Partnership
Partner with us as we Build Better Relationships while Preparing for the Harvest.
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Project List and Updates

Replaced/Repaired Pitched Roof on East - Complete

Replace old HVAC with New System (Contracted Service) - Complete

Pulpit Furniture & Communion Table- Complete

Installed WIFI in Sanctuary (Contracted Service) - Complete

Exterior Paint and Parking Lot Enhancements- Complete

Main Bathrooms Renovation and Upgrades- Complete

Handi-Capable Bathroom Upgrades- Complete

Technology Updates- In Progress


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We invite you to partner with us.

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